Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shoe Heaven! Louboutin Retrospective comes to UK

Like any lover of shoes my heart beats a bit faster at the mere mention of Louboutin. These shoes are my holy grail of footwear, but until I can afford them I can only look (and maybe drool a little, but don't tell). The signature flash of red on the soles is instantly recognisable (recent lawsuits aside) and for me they are a classic piece of design.

This week it was announced that a retrospective of Christian Louboutin's career will open in London's Design Museum next year. As well as documenting his life's work, the exhibit will also offer insight into what influences his designs and how his shoes are created. So even those of us who can't quite afford the shoes can have a look at the history of this iconic brand and it's creator.

Christian Louboutin takes place 20th March - 1st July at the Design Museum

Images from Lust, Love, Lose and Style Brief