Saturday, 12 February 2011

Loving this week....

Little Big Planet 2

If you haven't played either of the Little Big Planet Games, I suggest you do! It is the wonderful creation of Media Molecule and there is so much to love about both games. The levels are amazingly designed and each one is full of so much creativity and genius. And when you are finished playing through the levels there is a whole other dimension to the games, where you can create your own levels to play and a massive online community in which you can interact with other players and play the levels they have created as well as inviting them to come and play yours! And if that isn't enough, the main character Sack Boy can be dressed in all manner of amazing and hilarious costumes (more creativity, and an added bonus if you are obsessed with clothes *ahem*) he is also super cute.


Sack boy Image from Sunday Mercury
Sack Girl Image - screenshot taken by me whilst playing the game

My marvelous other half came home with Little Big Planet 2 last week and we have been playing it a lot! It is definitely as fun as the first game and the story mode has a bit more of a story to it than the previous game. Don't be taken in by the cute appearance of the game though, as there are parts of it that are infuriatingly difficult (but worthwhile when you eventually crack them!).

Oh and I almost forgot to mention one more thing that I love about Little Big Planet, they are both narrated by the fantabulous Stephen Fry!

Abby Wright's Illustrations from ACOFI Launch

The lovely illustrator Abby Wright (who I was lucky enough to meet at the ACOFI launch) has some amazing illustrations on her blog from the launch of some of the guests who attended. Me and my fellow blogger, Miss Sarah Scribbles are lucky enough to have been drawn by Abby! I was so chuffed when I saw the illustration of me, and I feel so lucky to have now been drawn by two amazing artists!




As well as being featured on Abby's blog, her illustrations from the event can also be seen in an article about her on Amelia's Magazine.

Just One Day ft Deni Hlavinka

I cannot stop listening to this song! The fabulous Carol from My Stylisms tweeted about it this week and I loved it when I heard it, so big thanks to Caz!

To have a listen click here

image from soundcloud
Drawing Every Day 

After having a look at some of the fantastic work of the people involved in Amelia's Magazine and enjoying my copy of Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration I have been inspired to start drawing again. I had fell out of the habit of drawing every day (which I did when I studied Art & Design at college) and had got to the point where I realised I was hardly ever drawing! So I am making myself draw each and every day, and to make sure I do, my friend had the marvelous idea of tweeting them. So far it has worked, and even though there are days when I am not impressed with the results, I am hoping that practice will make perfect!